MTN Yemen sponsors the Honoring of the Participants in the Computer Illiteracy Eradication Program,


Yemeni Education Minister, Dr. Abdul Razzaq Al-Ashwal, honored participants in the Computer Illiteracy Eradication Program at the University of Sanaa.

During the event organized by the Social Society for Development and Ability Center for Training and Rehabilitation in cooperation with MTN Yemen in honor of 100 students, Al-Ashwal highlighted the importance of training and rehabilitating youngsters to provide them with skills and knowledge that enable them to face the future with confidence and strength.

“Our mission is to provide individuals with the skills and expertise to build a society of knowledge. This can only be achieved through the strengthening of the youth; the building blocks of the new Yemen that all our people dream of”, added Al-Ashwal.

Al-Ashwal also pointed out the fact that students should be equipped with computer skills and possess good English communication skills to compete on the local and regional markets.

Al-Shawal further called on the civil society organizations and the private sector to support and expand such programs, given the responsibility of all parties to raise a future generation armed with education and knowledge, and praised the efforts  towards the success of the educational movement in Yemen, notably MTN Yemen.

The representative of MTN Yemen, Mr. Malek Al-Kusa, said that his company is keen to support education as a pillar of human development, highlighting the company’s orientation towards supporting technical sciences through building technical institutes at the cost of 750 Million Riyals. Al-Kusa also announced that MTN will offer mobile devices and MTN chips to 44 excelling students.

The students expressed their heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed towards this achievement in a speech delivered by the student Majed Al-Rimi. Al-Rimi seized the opportunity to invite his fellow students to work diligently and to invest their energy in education.

This event also featured a poem written by the young poet, Nabil Al-Dabibi.