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Life style:

Services providing subscribers with useful information in many aspects:


subscribers can get the most important breaking, local, international and economic news from well-known news agencies and sources such as Saba News, 26 September, RT, Al-Masserah and Al-Thawra. ( content received through SMS)


subscribers in this category can get the latest general sport news and European famous clubs from well-known sources such  as, RT, Nadeek, Real Madrid and AC Milan. . ( content received through SMS/IVR)


Subscribers of this category can get benefit information about how to strengthen your memories, studying tips, about marketing, secretary and agriculture; and to memorize Holy Qura’an.  ( content received through SMS)


These services provide subscribers with useful and valuable informative content about dealing with / protecting against diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, weight loss and fitness, healthy nutrition and other categories from Mayo Clinic. . ( content received through SMS)

Women’s world @ Kids:

In this category, subscribers can get diverseinformation about women in different aspects such as family, fashion, health and religion. This category provides services concerning kids’ health, growing up and nutrition as well. . ( content received through SMS).

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