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Services provides competitions, facebook, twitter, TVs and radios and different types of entertainment content)


MTN Provide competitions with the support of the Value added providers who provide content to our subscribers and all the Subscribers to participate in the competitions through IVR, SMS also customers can participate in the radio stations (FM) and TVs competitions

Social Media:

MTN Facilitate the communications with each other, using Social Media Services through SMS
Social media are interactive Communication between friends which facilitate the creation or sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks like “Twitter and Facebook”, once the subscribers subscribe in the Service they will receive the messages through SMS so they can be connected with their friends all the time

TV & FM:

MTN Allows the subscribers to participate in TV’s or radios programs while they are listening to he program and they can call the channels directly to participate in the program or shows by dialing IVR short codes or send to SMS to the assigned short codes.


MTN offers to its subscribers variety of content, such as music, jokes ,videos, Games, Images and many more content services that the customers can enjoy it.


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