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Find a Store

Because we Care to serve you, we are more closer to you;

Almost  30 official CSPs among the country are ready to serve you. In the list below you will find all the CSPs addresses

City Address CSP Supervisor Number Email
Sana’a Taiz Street in front of TOYOTA 733111292
Sana’a Al Zubairy Street IBY Building 733111935
Sana’a Al Dairi Street – Sana’a University 733111962
Sana’a Haddah Street Kwuit Building NO 8 734111126
Sana’a Al Maqaleh Street – SKY MALL 733122009
Sana’a Haddah Street – Hayber Tawfeer Market 733122007
Sana’a Sawan Street – Dhmaran Center 733122078
Sana’a Airport Road – SGH hospital 733111989
Aden Kriter – Arwa Street 733111940
Aden Al Mansorah 733111394
Aden Al Moa’a Plaza 733121680
Al Hodeidah Al mena Street 733111084
Al Hodeidah Sana’a Street 734111332
Bit Al Faqih Main Street 733111972
Hajjah Sana’a Street 733111280
Ibb Al Owdin Street 733111368
Al Mukalla 7 July Street 733111567
Rada’a Main Street 733110021
Sayoon Airport street 733111265
Taiz Al Ojinat Street 733121095
Yafee Main Street 733111329
Al Dhalea Main Street 733110035
Al Baidha Main Street 734111022
Dhamar Sana’a Street 733111283
Algaydah Bin Gownah District 733121269
Shabwah 60th Street 736111096
saadah Main Street 733111321
Mareb University Street 734111197
Mareb Main Street – Al Arsh Mall 734111197

MTN Yemen Main Distributors List:

DistributorsAdress City
Abdu Bishr for Trading Sanaa St. Hodeidah
Anu Jalal corporation Haddah St. Sana'a
Alaman Group Haddah St. Sana'a
Alhussain Agencies AlQasr St. AlMukalla
Aljozaifa for Trading Zubairi St. Sana'a
Almajrabi Company for Money TransactionsAlamn St. Radaa
Ghamdan for General TradeMujahid St. Sana'a
Tamara Center Corporation Zubairi St. Sana'a

MTN Yemen Partners of Banks and Money Transactions Companies:

Banks and Money Transaction Adress City   
Albaian Company for trading Main St. Radaa
Tadawol Company for Money Transactions Alhaouban Taiz
Alkoraimi for micro Islamic fund Haddah St. Sana'a
Swaid and Sons company for Money Transactions Zubairi St. Sana'a
Telegram for Information technology Alraqas St. Sana'a
Fawri for telecommunication Haddah St. Sana'a
Almoraisi for Money Transactions Damt Dhale'
Alyabani for Money Transactions Shumailah St. Sana'a
Falcon for Money Transactions Haddah St. Sana'a
Alnajm for Money Transactions 22 May St. Sana'a
Alsaifi for Money Transactions Taiz St. Sana'a
Quality Connect for systems Technology Nawakshot St. Sana'a
IBY Zubairi St. Sana'a
CacBank Zubairi St. Sana'a
Altadamon Islamic Bank Zubairi St. Sana'a
Alamal Bank for macro fund Baghdad St. Sana'a
YKB Zubairi St. Sana'a
Saba Islamic Bank 60 west St. Sana'a
POS Airport St. Sana'a
Yemeni Company for payment Services and Cards (Saba Card) Zubairi St. Sana'a

The Yemeni Post Office Branches. More than 330 branches of Yemeni Post offices in all Yemeni Governorates are available to serve you.