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From the outset of its operation as MTN Yemen, the company is actively involved in a wide variety of community activities. Its CSI activities became more explicit and visible since the inspection of the foundation. MTN Yemen Foundation was established in 2007 and registered with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in the Republic of Yemen. The foundation has dedicated resources to coordinate CSI activities and is administered as a section within the Corporate Services. Its activities have not only contributed significantly to the wellbeing of the community but has made MTN a household name when it comes to social responsibility.

But recently, and due to the ongoing security and political conflict and war in Yemen, there is no ability to invest in CSI as we deem appropriate and there is no sufficient fund for doing CSI activities.

Focus Areas:

In line with the Group policy and the commitment towards CSI and giving back to the communities where it operates, we in MTN Yemen are focusing on developmental projects in the following areas

  • Education
  • Health
  • Entrepreneurship
  • National Priority Areas


CSI Budget

A budget of up to 1% of after-tax profits is allocated to the Foundation each year to ensure meaningful funding of supported activities.