After Sales

After Sales Service:

MTN Yemen facilitates and over comes any obstacles might our corporate accounts face. An account officer will be available to serve you 24/7.


Monthly Statement:

MTN Yemen provides business and companies with yet another corporate service which consists in sending regularly via email, statements of account and balance for the current and dialed numbers in order to facilitate bill payment and follow up of numbers’ status.


Easy Payment:

MTN Yemen provides businessmen and companies with a variety of Bill Payment plans, thus facilitating their work process at higher speed and less efforts and cost.

Easy Payment:

    • Bill payment service through MTN branches all over the republic, where you can settle your payment for each line separately or for a group of lines at once, in cash or check.
    • Bill payment service via VTU (Virtual Top Up) at any authorized P.O.S, or through the company’s purchase of a prepaid credit to be distributed among its employees according to its own terms and convenience.
    • Bill payment service through the banks we signed agreement with and also from post offices & Al-Kuraimi Bank Branches.


VIP Treatment:

Preferential and special treatment are given to our strategic corporate accounts and corporate high consumers through many services such as the facility to make a change SIM easily for their numbers, access to International & Roaming Service is upon the request, determining the desired call limits for each number….etc.


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