MTN Yemen

About us


MTN Yemen was established in September 2000 as a local and international sharing company, to later become the community’s first choice as a GSM company under the brand name Spacetel Yemen, which was part of Investcom group.


Launching its local mobile service in February 2001, MTN Yemen has enjoyed a fine reputation for providing world-class GSM mobile services based on quick network deployment and continuous improvement of quality and coverage.


MTN Group Limited merged with Investcom LLC in July 2006 .This merge has created a pre-eminent mobile operator in the emerging markets of Africa and the Middle East. Operating mobile networks in 23 countries, covering a population under license on a combined basis of approximately 488 million people and serving in excess of 40 million subscribers (end of 2006).

MTN Group operating regions


MTN South Africa, MTN Swaziland, MTN Zambia, MTN Uganda, MTN Rwanda and MTN Botswana.


MTN Nigeria, MTN Cameroon, MTN Congo-Brazzaville, MTN Cote d’Ivoire, MTN Benin, MTN Ghana, MTN Guinea Bissau, MTN Guinea and MTN Liberia.


MTN Yemen, MTN Iran, MTN Afghanistan, MTN Cyprus, MTN Sudan,South Sudan, MTN Syria, and Mednet.

MTN Yemen “every where you go.” is founded with the main objective of implementing, managing, and operating GSM network throughout the entire Republic of Yemen. MTN Yemen offers the latest GSM products and services and uses state-of-the-art telecom equipment from Alcatel. The service is offered in two types of products: Pay Monthly (invoicing) and Pay As You Go prepaid with the latest GSM value added services and features such as CLIP, SMS, VMS, Fax & Data, UniMail, SuperClip, Tones and Logos, Songs dedication, etc…

The International Roaming service is also available for MTN Yemen customers in various countries and it is increasing rapidly to reach most GSM networks worldwide. Today our subscribers are connected with roaming partners with which we have roaming agreements, every where they go in the Globe.

It did not take so long for the country to strongly feel the quality of our services in comparison with the competitors. MTN Yemen has also worked hard to position itself as part of the community by participating in various sponsorship activities and offering development and employment to local skills.

The company’s main goal is to ensure a continuous improvement and expansion in order to meet needs and expectations of its customers. Thus, enabling our customer to say that MTN Yemen services are available “every where you go”.

MTN Group Limited is a multinational telecommunications group that began its operations in South Africa in 1994. Since then, MTN has expanded beyond Africa as the Group continues to pursue further growth in emerging markets.

The MTN Group is listed in South Africa on the JSE Securities Exchange under the Industrial Non-cyclical services Telecommunications sector.

The MTN Group offers cellular network access and associated services through subsidiaries and joint ventures in 10 other African countries as well as in Iran.

In May 2006, MTN announced a landmark deal to create the pre-eminent mobile operator in the emerging markets of Africa and the Middle East that will operate mobile networks in 21 countries and serve nearly 40 million subscribers by end of 2006 .