Latest Offers and Services

We introduce you to MTN new Service and Offers  It includes information and special directions for the latest MTN services and offers and the prices of each service and offer.

We will be pleased to know that this guide includes all the answers to your inquiries. In case you encounter a difficulty or you have any further inquiries call MTN Customer Service Center for assistance at “111” free of charge.

The services, offers  and prices mentioned in this section are subject to change in accordance with the policy of the company.

Recharge and Win

MTN Yemen launched Recharge & Win offer only for prepaid subscribers, which enables the subscriber who recharges 410YR denomination  and above via “VTU, ViVo and EVD” to be enrolled in a draw to win various prizes as follows:


  • 5 daily winners for prizes of 250,000 YER (50,000 YER for each one) every day during the offer period.
  • 5 MEGA winners for prizes of 2,500,000 YER (500,000 YER for each one) at the end of the offer period.
  • The subscriber can increase chances of winning by recharging more.
  • The prizes will be given to the subscribers who are registered correctly in the system and winner information must match subscriber information in the system.
  • Unmatched subscriber’s real info. vs. subscriber’s system info. will be disqualified from winning list and will be replaced with another matching subscribers.

SMS Discount tariff

MTN Yemen launched a discounted SMS Tariff for all its postpaid and prepaid subscribers (Postpaid normal rate plan, Kalam, Shabab, Power and Sawa). The tariff is a flat rate of 5YR per SMS. The new SMS rates are for all local networks.

  • For postpaid subscribers the tariff will applied on the main tariff only.
  • For SAW tariff, on net SMS will remain as 3YR per SMS and 5 YR per SMS to other networks.
  • This tariff doesn’t include SMS to International numbers or VAS services or any other tariff plans that is not mentioned above.

Free Silver Prepaid with MIX300 Bundle

Get a new silver prepaid SIM card with MIX300 bundle at the price of 1,000YR + Tax. This offer lines are available at MTN Yemen CSPs and point of sales for a limited period.

New Mix packages

MTN prepaid subscribers are now able to purchase a Voice, SMS and GPRS bundle with one-time fee.

MIX 300

  • 300 Minutes (on-net), 400 SMS (All Local Networks), 100 MB. The bundle validity is 30 days at the price of 1000 YR.
  • Subscription Code *551*300*1#

MIX 600

  • 600 Minutes (on-net), 700 SMS (All Local Networks),300 MB. The bundle validity is 30 days at the price of 2000 YR.
  • Subscription Code *551*600*1#


  • Credits of calls, SMS, and Net are added accumulatively for a period of 30 days maximum when purchasing more than one bundle of the new MIX bundles.
  • Credibility periods of MIX bundles are not accumulative with other bundle such as (Smart, Wasel, SMS, etc...)
  • MIX calls and SMS are on MTN net only.

MTN Services Guide (USSD)

Easy way to find MTN Latest offers and services .

Enter the code:*555#

Twitter Bundle

MTN Yemen in partnership with Twitter Inc. is launching Unlimited Twitter service. This service will enable both MTN prepaid and postpaid subscribers to get below Twitter features at the cost of 100 YR weekly subscription.

  • Send & Receive private messages, to and from all followers
  • Following up with all friends, & See what friends are doing
  • Create & Follow your own and other # (hash tags )
  • Get notified when friends comments on your posts
  • Tweet & Retweet, Text, chat and have group conversations
  • Twitter Application is available on all stores for, (Symbian, Microsoft, iOS & Android…etc.)
  • Search inside twitter
  • MTN Yemen customers can subscribe for this service by dialing the code:  *551*20*1#
  • Unsubscribe by dialing *551*20*2#

Wahtsapp Bundle

Unlimited “whatsapp” from MTN is a new feature that will allow MTN Customers to send & receive “Texts, Videos, Pictures & Voices” free of charge, for only 400YR/week. Auto renewal

  • To subscribe dial *551*10*1#.
  • WhatsApp usage is free of charge and will not be deducted from your main or Smartnet bundle balances during the subscription period.

 Operating System that support whatsapp Application:

  • Android, iOS, Windows, Nokia S40, Nokia Symbian
  • To unsubscribe dial *551*10*2#

Buy a New SIM… Get a Free Credit

Buy a new prepaid SIM card from MTN and get the following for free:

  • 25 megabytes of “Smart Net” credit.
  • 25% of additional credit within the network from the value of the first charged card 
  • In order to get the free credit, you should charge your SIM card with any credit domain within 48 hours from the date of activation
  • The free credit will be added within the 24 hours that follow charging the card and can be used within 5 days

Wesel Bundle

Enjoy Wasel Bundle for prepaid subscribers with below features;

  • Voice bundle of 30 Minute
  • 30 SMS for all networks
  • 30 MB

The bundle costs 300 YR valid for 5 Days. Customers can subscribe more than one time for this bundle and the validity will be accumulative.

To subscribe in Wasel Bundle enter the code: *551*30*1#

Full Facebook Bundle

Enjoy below special features with Facebook full bundle:

  • Full browsing of Facebook application including Videos, Audios, and Images.
  • Posting and uploading of Texts, Videos, Audios, and Images.
  • Facebook life videos.
  • Private and general chats with file attachment
  • Create personal profiles and Business pages and groups an enjoy all the distinguished features of Facebook application.

All these features of Facebook and Facebook messenger with the weekly subscription of 400YR auto renewal.

To subscribe enter the code: *551*12*1#


  • Standard charges of internet will be applied when making Voice Calls through Facebook Messenger.
  • Full Facebook can be used as soon as log in to the application via the link:
  • You can also use Zero Facebook for free for charge by subscribing on Full Facebook via the link:  or
  • To unsubscribe: *551*12*2#

"300 minutes" Bundle

MTN Yemen has launched the "300 minutes" bundle and reduced the price where now subscribers can call with 1.33 Riyals per minute instead of 1.5 Riyals as in the previous bundle.

The bundle contains 300 minutes for 400 YR to be used within the network during 24 hours. In case of purchasing more than one bundle within 24 hours, they will receive joint credit and grace period.

To subscribe, please call the 555 number, then press 5 then press 9 and follow the instructions or call the *551*9*1# (from left to right) .For more information send 300 to 111 free

Call Me

This service allows Pre-paid subscribers to send free messages with a content of "Please Call Me" to another MTN number for free in case of absence of balance.

The recipient will get the message with the sender's number.

All what is needed is to send an empty message to 2255, followed by the phone number and the (*) icon. 

If you wish to send the message in English, then you should add number 1 after the (*). This is a free service that any pre-paid subscriber can use up to 3 times daily when running out of credits and being during the grace time


MTN Yemen enables both of its prepaid and postpaid subscribers to recharge via Voucher over Terminal channel.

The “VOT” system will allow MTN Yemen’s subscribers to buy a rechargeable voucher printed by MTN terminals through MTN CSPs. 

The details of this purchased voucher will be in the paper receipt given to the subscriber which contains voucher rechargeable code.

Denomination of VOT will be similar to normal VTU with the same prices and validities.

To recharge via “VOT” use this code: *334* card number which consists of 14 digits # call


"Themar" program from MTN presents a chance for all MTN subscribers to get free minutes within the home network according to the Calls, SMS or MMS that they made in the last 24hrs within the home network. The below table explains needed orders for this service.

Service Number SMS Price SMS Details
Subscription in Themar service and to know your points credit 2210 Free Send the letter "t"
For collect & use your points 2211 Free For postpaid: send the credit you want to deduct from your bill; Prepaid: send the credit you want to redeem and that credit should be equal to any of MTN scratch cards such as 800,1200, etc...
To know your free credit minutes for the previous day 2212 Free
For Themar cancellation 2213  Free Send an empty message

The more calls, SMS, and MMS you make on the net the more you get.
Your credit should be used not before 6 months from the date you got them. The Themar percentage for any customer is between 4% and 25% according to the year of activating the line: the older the number is the higher the credits are.

Wain Foni

This Service allows the subscribers to upload and download their contents which are in the mobile.

The customers can restore the data any time they may need.
This service works only with the GPRS service

Service Description and Process:

1- User sends an empty SMS to the short code "8000"
2- User will receive the following messages:
a. Login and password
b. Link to download the application
c. Service Explanation
d. Normal SMS for those mobiles that doesn't support WAP Push, to direct them to download the application from

3- After the user downloads the application he is enforced to authenticate the Login & Password the was delivered and should specify an internet access point. Then, user can use the application.

Wainfonie Application will contain the following:
Keep It : Through this, users can upload the contents.
Get It: Through this, users can download the contents.
Explore it:  This has the following:

  1. My Phone: This will show you the contacts which is stored in the phone.
  2. WainFonie Storage: This will allow you to brows the contact from the servers.

Schedule: Through this, customers can know the time and date in which the backup was made, also through these users can configure an automatic back up for the contents as below:
a, Schedule > Options > New > Nr of Changes > Then customers can specify when to make the back up by specifying the Time, Date and the when to do it (Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly)

Profile: Through these, users has the option to select the type of Back up which is as follows:
1. All contents: Allows the users to back up all the contents in the Mobile.
2. Book Marks: Allows the users to upload only Book Marks
3. Calendar: Allows the users to upload only Calendars
4. Contacts: Allows the users to upload only Contacts
5. Images: Allows the users to upload only Images
6. MMS: Allows the users to upload only MMS messages
7. Music: Allows the users to upload only Music files
8. PIM: Allows the users to upload only PIM (This allows the users to make a backup for the PIM's users defined for the backup)
9. SMS: Allows the users to upload only SMS
10. Tasks: Allows the users to upload only Tasks
11. Videos: Allows the users to upload only Videos

The tariff of this service will be 300 YR/MONTH